DAVE BRUBECK
             Time Further Out

                 Recording Date:
                      May 3, 1961 tk 1,5
                      May 15, 1961 tk 9
                      June 2, 1961 tk 4,6,8

                      Dave Brubeck     P
                      Paul Desmond    AS 
                      Joe Morello        D 
                      Eugene Wright   B



Review by Scott Yanow
Unlike most sequels, Time Further Out is a worthy successor to Time Out. Among the numbers introduced on this impressive set are "It's a Raggy Waltz" and "Unsquare Dance" (the latter an ancestor of Don Ellis's "Pussy Wiggle Stomp"). The selections, which range in time signatures from 5/4 to 9/8, are handled with apparent ease (or at least not too much difficulty) by pianist Brubeck, altoist Paul Desmond, bassist Eugene Wright and drummer Joe Morello on this near-classic. The 1996 CD reissue adds a previously inissued "Slow and Easy" and a version of "It's a Raggy Waltz" from the Quartet's 1963 Carnegie Hall concert to the original program.

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