CHET BAKER
                 The Italian Sessions

                    Recording Date:
                        January 5, 1962

                        Chet Baker           TP
                        Daniel Humair       D
                        Bobby Jaspar      FT,TS
                        Benoit Quersin      B
                        René Thomas        G
                        Amadeo Tommasi  P

                  LINK Retired


Review by Scott Yanow
Throughout the 1950s Chet Baker gained fame as a quiet, low-register trumpeter with a cool tone and a relaxed style. This CD should therefore be a major surprise to listeners who believe he was incapable of playing heated material, or of utilizing the upper register of his horn. Assisted by a fine European sextet (including Bobby Jaspar on tenor and flute and guitarist Rene Thomas), Baker is heard in peak form throughout this memorable and frequently exciting bop date. [Originally issued as Chet Is Back!.]

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